Why Game of Thrones Rules Over Social Media - Infographic

The phrase “spoiler alert" was just added to the dictionary for good reason. Thanks to social media and the instantaneous nature of the Internet, spoilers have become a true cultural phenomenon.  Perhaps no TV show has given us more epic spoiler moments than "Game of Thrones." With over 18 million weekly viewers and over 700,000 weekly social media posts, "Game of Thrones" reaches almost 50 million social media users every week.

The past four seasons of “Game of Thrones” have taken both television and social media by storm.  The “Red Wedding” episode has become synonymous with spoilers because of the chaos it unleashed on Facebook and Twitter.  The “Purple Wedding” took the craze to yet another level.  

The infographic below highlights who, what, where, why and how spoilers happen in Westeros.  We break down the key social statistics, fascinating facts and show you which “Game of Thrones” characters rule the kingdoms of Facebook and Twitter.

Our Spoiler Shield app has become a must-have tool for any loyal viewer to enjoy each episode of “Game of Thrones” on his or her own schedule.  Download the Spoiler Shield app today to stay socially connected and spoiler protected.  Spoiler Shield is available on iOSAndroidKindle and Google Chrome.

Game Of Thrones - Infographic

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Spoiler Shield Now Blocks “Game of Thrones” Spoilers on Mobile & Desktop - App Fends Off Spoilers for Over 50 Shows Including Mad Men, 24 and Survivor

The latest version of the Spoiler Shield app and a new Google Chrome Extension have been released to coincide with the ever-accelerating seasons of GAME OF THRONES (HBO), MAD MEN (AMC), 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY (FOX), and the English Premier League. The app, which shields viewers from unwanted spoilers on social media, is free to download for iOS, Android, Kindle and Google Chrome users, and is available in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and Google Web Store

With the new spoiler blocking Chrome Extension, users can go to Facebook and Twitter on their desktops worry-free and spoiler-free. The extension also syncs with an individual’s mobile selections allowing for cross-platform spoiler protection. A user who sets a shield on their phone at work will now be protected when they check Facebook or Twitter on their home desktop in the evening.

“Spoilers have become a cultural phenomenon,” says Josh Solt, co-founder of Spoiler Shield. “Our goal is to banish them from your lives. The ‘Purple Wedding’ episode of GAME OF THRONES wreaked havoc on social media which could have been prevented by Spoiler Shield. We’re excited to offer both mobile and desktop solutions as this GAME OF THRONES season moves forward and other shows premiere.”

Over 50 shows are now covered by Spoiler Shield, including GAME OF THRONES, HOUSE OF CARDS, Orange iS the New Black, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. AMERICAN IDOL, The walking dead, THE AMAZING RACE, SURVIVORand DANCING WITH THE STARS among others. Sports fans can also use Spoiler Shield to avoid seeing the scores of games involving their favorite MLB, NHL, NBA or EPL team. 

Spoiler Shield is designed to block any post that could potentially spoil a show or game. With a single touch, a user can select a television series or team to shield, and then the technology does the rest. The shields, which are updated in real time to stay current with hashtags and ongoing sports and show developments, ensure that all spoilers are blocked while all other posts on a user’s feed remain visible. Spoiler Shield’s demo video provides additional examples of the app’s user-friendly experience.

“We originally created Spoiler Shield because we were frustrated by spoilers surrounding the ‘Red Wedding’ episode of GAME OF THRONES,” adds Matthew Loew, Spoiler Shield co-founder. “Not everyone can be home in front of the TV on Sunday night, and now with Spoiler Shield we have the freedom to watch the struggle for the Iron Throne on our own schedules.”

To stay socially connected and spoiler protected, visit www.SpoilerShield.com.

Jack is Back – Without the Spoilers

It’s been 3 years since we last heard from Jack Bauer and this time he’s coming back with a vengeance in 24: Live Another Day.  When we last saw 24 in May 2010, Twitter had 105 million users. Today, it has nearly a billion registered users. The show has already garnered an exceptional Facebook following with over 4.6 million likes and conspiracy theories are rapidly bouncing around Twitter.  While the new mini-series may only be 12 episodes long, there will no doubt be ridiculous plot twists and shockers you never saw coming.


For now, post your excitement about the miniseries using #JackIsBack, #24FOX or #24LAD, but when Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) rolls around and you set your DVR to record 24: Live Another Day don’t forget to turn on your spoiler shield.

When you turn on the 24: Live Another Day shield in the app the tech will do all the heavy lifting and shield any 24: Live Another Day related tweets and posts that appear in your Twitter and Facebook feeds.  Once you get a chance to watch the latest episode you can reveal all posts by tapping a single button. This allows you to watch the episodes spoiler-free, but still share your reactions and predictions right along with your fellow Jack Bauer fans.


While in the app you will notice Spoiler Shield now protects fans from spoilers for over 50 shows. 

1.    24 - Live Another Day
2.    Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
3.    American Horror Story
4.    American Idol
5.    Arrow
6.    Big Brother
7.    Boardwalk Empire
8.    Breaking Bad
9.    CSI
10. Dancing With The Stars
11. Days Of Our Lives
12. Downton Abbey
13. Dr. Who
14. Elementary
15. Game Of Thrones
16. Girls
17. Glee
18. Grey’s Anatomy
19. Hell’s Kitchen
20. Homeland
21. House of Cards
22. How I Met Your Mother
23. Justified
24. Mad Men
25. MasterChef
26. Nashville
27. NCIS
28. Newsroom
29. Orange Is The New Black
30. Pretty Little Liars
31. Project Runway
32. Revolution
33. Scandal
34. Shark Tank
35. Sherlock
36. Silicon Valley
37. Sleepy Hollow
38. Sons Of Anarchy
39. Supernatural
40. Survivor
41. The Amazing Race
42. The Americans
43. The Bachelor
44. The Bachelorette
45. The Blacklist
46. The Following
47. The Good Wife
48. The Vampire Diaries
49. The Voice
50. The Walking Dead
51. The X Factor
52. Top Chef
53. True Blood
54. True Detective
55. Vikings
56. WWE Raw

Spoiler Shield also offers shields for professional sports leagues including NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL.  Download Spoiler Shield today!

How to Avoid Spoilers of Mad Men

Last season’s finale of Mad Men saw 2.7 million viewers tuning in to see what happened with Don Draper and company. It’s likely that season 7’s premiere on Sunday night will exceed even those viewer numbers. As millions watch, there will be plenty of social media buzz.


President Obama mentioned Mad Men during his 2014 State of the Union address and it became the most tweeted moment of his speech, with over 33,000 tweets per minute. The season 5 premiere generated over 100,000 tweets – and that was two seasons ago. Imagine how many new fans can’t wait to visit Twitter and Facebook to share their thoughts on the latest season.

So if you’re on the West Coast, where most of this season of Mad Men is expected to take place, or don’t plan to watch the episodes in real time, it’s time to set your Mad Men shield using Spoiler Shield. Otherwise, you’ll be subject to a wealth of show-spoiling tweets and posts.

If spoilers don’t come from your family and friends, they could come the thousands of retweets from those tweeting as actual characters from the show. Peggy Olson has at least five twitter accounts and Don Draper has even more, meaning it’ll be hard to avoid spoilers from the moment each new episode starts to air.


Season 7 of Mad Men promises two seven-episode halves. That means there’ll be 14 different episodes for you to enjoy. Don’t let social media ruin them before you get a chance to watch them. Open the Spoiler Shield app and turn on your Mad Men shield right away.

While you have Spoiler Shield open, don’t forget to turn on shields for some of your other favorite shows, particularly those with season finales coming up. Turn on shields for shows such as Vikings, The Following, Elementary, Game of Thrones, and CSI so you can watch the finales in peace.

Stay socially connected and spoiler protected.  Don Draper would want it that way.

Game of Thrones and Spoilers Return

It’s that time again. You and millions of others have waited 10 long months for the return of HBO’s Game of Thrones. The challenge at hand is avoiding spoilers.  Perhaps the best part of shows like Game of Thrones is the unpredictability, but with unpredictability comes major spoilers plastered across social media.  Undoubtedly, you’ll want to post your own #GoT tweets and weigh in on the latest plot twists in Westeros, but chances are you not watching the show live. 

Over 140 million Americans watch time shifted TV every day.  DVR’s and internet streaming have provided flexible viewing, but social media coverage happens in real time.  Remember the infamous “Red Wedding” episode? If you didn’t watch it live you were forced to hide from all social media.

The numbers are astounding.  The Red Wedding episode had over 700,000 mentions on social media! Most of those came during the episode or within one hour of the episode airing.  How can you possibly avoid 700,000 mentions while still going about your normal social media behavior? Chances are you’ve already seen a few spoilers for the Season 4 premiere because of the Game of Thrones Epic Fan Experience in New York City.

Insert Spoiler Shield!  With Spoiler Shield you can continue to enjoy and participate in social media without seeing Game of Thrones spoilers.  Just a few clicks and our Game of Thrones Shield will protect you from all of your friends’ tweets and posts about the latest episodes.  Spoiler Shield will continue to protect you from spoilers until you watch the episode on your on time.  

Spoiler Shield can help you avoid spoilers for sports (including NBA, MLB and March Madness spoilers) and over 50 TV shows.  Some of our most popular TV shields include House of Cards, Survivor and Shark Tank.  Also, Mad Men premieres on April 13th.

Don’t let your friends ruin your TV experience, there is a solution…and that solution is Spoiler Shield.  Our app is available for free on iOSAndroid and Kindle.

March Madness Spoilers

It’s almost time for March Madness! While most of us would gladly skip out on work early to catch the early round games, we need to keep our jobs – at least until we win Warren Buffet’s $1 billion bracket challenge.  Avoiding the outcomes of the tournament games before you can get home to watch them may prove as difficult as skipping out of work early. Social media will be flooded with buzzer beaters and bracket busters from the moment they happen. 

Spoiler Shield will block March Madness tweets, as well as any other social media posts that could spoil your tournament experience. With our app, you won’t find out which underdogs prevailed or if you’re on your way to winning the $1 billion until you watch them for yourself.

Once you turn on your college basketball shields, you’ll be spoiler free. So if you only care about the University of Kentucky (which was the most tweeted team during the tournament in 2013) or want to see for yourself whether Florida stays on top, you can select to only block those teams.  Spoiler Shield gives you the power to control your social media feed.

During 2013’s NCAA tournament, Twitter made instant replays available mere minutes after they happened. This year, social media’s presence will loom even larger.  In fact, there’s an NCAA Live March Madness app designed to allow users to watch multiple feeds of the games as they happen and encourages users to post to social media using the hashtag #MarchMadness. With social media playing such a large role in the games, Spoiler Shield is a must have for any time-shifting viewer.

Spoiler Shield isn’t limited to the NCAA tournament either. If you’re a hockey or basketball fan, you can also block teams in the NHL and NBA. Enjoy your fantasy baseball and football leagues by shielding the results of the latest MLB and NFL games. You may still have to cover your ears to avoid hearing the score when out in public, but you won’t have to worry about avoiding Facebook and Twitter.

Our proprietary technology will prevent Facebook friends and Twitter users from spoiling the big game before you get a chance to watch it.  With the help of Spoiler Shield, you can enjoy March Madness from the opening tip until CBS plays “One Shining Moment.”

Control Your Social Media Feed

Do your social media feeds feel out of control? They’re full of spoilers, rants, and posts from celebrities and businesses you don’t even remember following.  All of that clutter makes it hard to focus on the posts you really want to see.  It’s now time to get some of that control back and Spoiler Shield can help.

While Spoiler Shield may not completely rid you of that long lost relative’s latest bout of craziness, it can help limit the noise including those annoying voices of your least favorite celebrities. So the next time the news sites blow up with Justin Bieber’s latest run-ins with the law or your Kardashian-loving friend shares Kim’s latest selfie, you won’t have to read those posts to get to the ones you really want to see.

How Does Spoiler Shield Work?

Spoiler Shield allows you to access both Facebook and Twitter from a single app. We give you the power and allow you to block any posts you don’t want to see – that includes TV and sports spoilers and now celebrities.  You’re in full control of your Facebook and Twitter feeds, so if for some reason you decide you really want to see that shielded post about Justin Beiber, you can easily double-tap to reveal it.

Think you can simply avoid the tweets you don’t want to see without any help? Not likely. Katy Perry has over 51 million followers on Twitter, just a million or so higher than Justin Bieber’s 50 million Twitter fans. Even the Kardashians have over 40 million followers. With so many people following these celebrities, chances are one of your friends or someone you follow will post about, retweet, or share something one of these celebrities has done. You have the choice to let these posts infiltrate your feeds or to take control by setting up shields to block the posts you don’t want to see.

Celebrities, TV Shows and More

While celebrity shields may be the latest addition to Spoiler Shield, they’re not the only way to control your feeds. Spoiler Shield allows you to block spoilers from over 50 different TV shows, as well as major sporting events. So in the fall and winter, you can avoid all spoilers related to your favorite NFL, NHL, and NBA teams, and in the spring and summer you can do the same for the NCAA basketball and MLB.

If you don’t want to see it in your Facebook and Twitter feeds, you don’t have to. With Spoiler Shield, you’re in control of what you see, at least when it comes to TV show spoilers, game results and celebrities. Your crazy relatives’ tweets? You’ll have to block those yourself.

Shield Academy Awards Spoilers

Last year over 40 million people tuned in to watch the Academy Awards and a record 8.9 million tweets were recorded.  With over 85,000 tweets per minute going out as Argo won best picture, it was hard for anyone to miss the commotion. This year, as live tweeting becomes an even larger trend, the chance of seeing spoilers is even greater. 

And the winner is…

Spoiler Shield now features The Academy Awards so that you can enjoy a spoiler-free Oscars on March 2nd.  Instead of avoiding social media entirely during the Academy Awards and the moments that follow, use our app to keep the winners hidden until you can watch the awards on your own schedule.  

You won’t find out who took home the hardware until you’ve seen it.  Our technology will keep social media from spoiling Hollywood’s biggest night.


Simply turn on the “Academy Awards” shield and you won’t have a moment of the festivities spoiled for you.  So you’ll be covered if Amy Adams wins her first Oscar after four previous nominations or if Jennifer Lawrence makes history with a back-to-back win.

Of course, the Academy Awards aren’t just about the winners and losers, they’re also about the red carpet and the acceptance speeches. We’ve got you covered the whole night.  If you’re curious and want to peek at what your friends are posting, you can always double-tap to reveal a blocked post.

The pre-live tweeting and Facebook posting of the Oscars has already begun and the number of tweets, posts, re-tweets, and shares will only continue to grow as we approach Sunday. Spoiler Shield doesn’t just work during the Oscars, it can also block spoilers before and after to give you plenty of time to watch the show.

Don’t stop with the Oscars either, Spoiler Shield currently offers shields to keep popular shows such as House of Cards, The Bachelor, The Walking DeadVikings and the newest season of Survivor, as well as the latest NBA matchups.

Whether it’s LeBron James breaking his nose in a game or a major celebrity having a wardrobe malfunction, you don’t have to learn about it from social media before you get to watch it for yourself.  Use Spoiler Shield to keep the suspense of live TV intact.

Spoiler Shield’s Updated App Blocks Results from Sochi on Social Media

LOS ANGELES—(BUSINESS WIRE)—The latest version of the Spoiler Shield app has been released in time to shelter social media users from seeing results of the games taking place in Sochi. Viewers who use Spoiler Shield can watch the events on their own schedule and not worry about seeing the outcome on Facebook or Twitter beforehand. The app, which shields viewers from having their favorite shows or sports spoiled, offers these features in a new, clean interface that is now available to iOS, Android and Kindle users. The app is free to download in the iTunes App StoreGoogle Play Store and Amazon App Store.

“The time difference between Russia and the United States is about half a day, making it difficult to stay active on social media without finding out who won the gold,” notes Josh Solt, co-founder of Spoiler Shield. “Spoiler Shield allows viewers to be active on their Facebook and Twitter accounts without stumbling across spoilers, so fans can enjoy the various competitions when they want to watch TV. In addition to the games, some of the most popular shows on Spoiler Shield include TRUE DETECTIVETHE WALKING DEAD and THE BACHELOR, and coming soon is a shield for this year’s Oscars®.”

50 popular TV series are now covered by Spoiler Shield, including DOWNTON ABBEY, GIRLS, THE FOLLOWING, SURVIVOR, SHERLOCK, THE AMERICANS, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., SCANDAL, AMERICAN IDOL and NASHVILLE,among others. And with pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training next week, baseball fans should be relieved to know that Spoiler Shield will protect them from inadvertently seeing MLB scores and highlights.

Spoiler Shield’s updated, enhanced interface has a sleek new design that is easy to use. The app’s proprietary algorithm is designed to block any post that could potentially spoil a show or game. With a single touch, a user can select a television series or team to shield, and the technology does the rest. The shields ensure that all spoilers are blocked while all other posts on a user’s feed remain visible.

Shields are updated in real time to stay current with popular programs, ongoing sports developments, and the latest hashtags. Spoiler Shield’s demo video provides additional examples of the app’s user-friendly experience.

“It’s just not desirable, and in some cases even possible, to cut yourself off from all social media, just because you can’t watch a game or a show live,” adds Matthew Loew, Spoiler Shield co-founder. “With online streaming and the popularity of the DVR, you get to pick your TV appointment time. Using Spoiler Shield is the best insurance you can have to protect and enjoy your viewing experience.”

To stay socially connected and spoiler protected, visit www.SpoilerShield.com.

Spoiler Shield 2.0 Features The Olympics

The latest version of Spoiler Shield has arrived with a sleek design and new shields including the Winter Olympics in Sochi.  We’ve also got you covered with all new TV shows (True Detective and The Blacklist) and upcoming premiers (House of Cards, Survivor etc.).  Below is a full list of television shows on Spoiler Shield:

  1. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  2. American Horror Story
  3. American Idol
  4. Big Brother
  5. Boardwalk Empire
  6. Breaking Bad
  7. CSI
  8. Dancing With The Stars
  9. Days Of Our Lives
  10. Downton Abbey
  11. Dr. Who
  12. Elementary
  13. Game Of Thrones
  14. Girls
  15. Glee
  16. Grey’s Anatomy
  17. Hell’s Kitchen
  18. Homeland
  19. House of Cards
  20. How I Met Your Mother
  21. Mad Men
  22. MasterChef
  23. Nashville
  24. NCIS
  25. Newsroom
  26. Orange Is The New Black
  27. Pretty Little Liars
  28. Project Runway
  29. Revolution
  30. Scandal
  31. Shark Tank
  32. Sherlock
  33. Sleepy Hollow
  34. Sons Of Anarchy
  35. Survivor
  36. The Amazing Race
  37. The Americans
  38. The Bachelor
  39. The Bachelorette
  40. The Blacklist
  41. The Following
  42. The Vampire Diaries
  43. The Voice
  44. The Walking Dead
  45. The X Factor
  46. Top Chef
  47. True Blood
  48. True Detective
  49. Vikings
  50. WWE Raw

Currently, the TV show which is being shielded the most on Spoiler Shield is The Walking Dead.  It is still the #1 show on cable and drew 15.8 million viewers for its midseason premiere.      

We’re constantly adding new shields to stay current.  If there’s a new show you would like to see on Spoiler Shield, please email us at feedback(at)spoilershield.com.  Look out for our shield for The Academy Awards which airs March 2nd.  

Spoiler Shield is free to download in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store.